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Unity Suite

Enterprise-Quality Employee Vacation Tracking without an Enterprise Budget

Explore fresh, intuitive, web-based solutions for end-to-end time tracking and employee management. UnitySuite™ HR management tools increase efficiency, save time, reduce errors and eliminate redundant efforts.

UnitySuite is a cloud based HR tool that focuses tightly on automation of HR activities. Our intuitive and customizable solution is the key to our client satisfaction.

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Unity Suite HRIS - CORE: HRIS Functions

CORE: HRIS Functions

  • Self-service platform for employees and managers
  • Centralized employee data with document management
  • Integrated company bulletin board and calendars
Unity Suite TimeOut - Leave Management

Leave Management

  • Paid time off, vacation and leave management in the TimeOut module
  • Integrates with all payroll and HRIS systems
Unity Suite p.a. Plus - Performance Management

Performance Management

  • Streamlined performance appraisal and management through the P.A.Plus module
  • Select the core features and add-on modules to support your organization, and work with CWS to configure each one to your specific needs
Unity Suite TalentComp - Compensation Review

Compensation Review

  • Simplified merit, bonus and stock compensation processes via the TalentComp salary administration module
  • Ensure state-of-the-art security of HR data, as well as secure access to appropriate team members

HRIS Functions

Centralize HR Communication and Management

A Robust, Up-to-Date Information Repository

  • Personnel Documents
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Leave and PTO Tracking
  • Position and Job History
  • Salary and History
  • Education, Skills and Certifications
  • Data Unique to Your Organization
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TimeOut – Leave Management

Automate Vacation Tracking with a Self-Service System

Configured Precisely to Your Needs

As a competitive organization, you need a reliable leave management system to manage employee absence, calculate leave accruals and make payments accurately. TimeOut is a fully automated and flexible leave management solution. It simplifies tracking paid time off, requesting TimeOuts, processing leaves, and automatically updating accruals. It automates Leave Policy Enforcement with zero errors.
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p.a Plus

p.a Plus – Talent Management

Expedite Performance Appraisal & Enhance Day-to-Day One of the crucial functions of the HR is evaluating employee performance. Having an automated performance-tracking tool simplifies the lives of HR. P.a.Plus allows aligning individual goals of the employees to those of the client business. It facilitates the appraisal process by setting personal and professional goals for each employee and creating development plans by tracking employee performance. P.a.Plus provides a complete social network styled platform and can be customized and implemented in a blink. Know More

Simplify & Manage

All Types of Salary Administration

Compensation Types Managed

  • Merit Increases
  • Bonuses
  • Stock Options
  • Promotions
  • Lump Sum Payouts
The major job of the compensation team includes salary administration, salary reviews across organizations, and deductions. TalentComp helps plan, organize and control employee payments and streamlines the salary administration process. It enables routing, approval, and distribution of salaries and bonus. It is a complete compensation management solution. Know More

The UnitySuiteTM

Unify HR responsibilities under a single solution.

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