Product Development

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Today all organizations, irrespective of their size, are driven by software and many a times software forms the backbone of the business. The software for these businesses, needs to be user friendly and should have the ability to adapt quickly to the continually changing business environment.

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At Qualitas IT, we offer the following services:

Product Engineering Services

We approach product development from a user perspective and work through the entire span of the life cycle of a product from conceptualization, research, design, providing a MVP, development, software testing, systems integration and product sustenance to product support.

Application Maintenance Services

Considering constant changes in business practices and emerging technologies,, the software / products needs to be enhanced, updated on a continuous basis. Qualitas IT provides services to customer which covers working on enhancements and fixing defects, if any.

Software Testing and QA

Everyone aspires for defect free software and we take pride in finding defects. We work with companies to do testing which maybe specific to a technology, business or non-functional. We use our knowledge on technology, business and industry- to evaluate existing quality measures and recognize areas to delivering solutions that align with the business context.

Application Re-engineering and Migration

Every product becomes obsolete in due course of time where support and upgrades are difficult and expensive. To help organizations retire applications, Qualitas IT migrates theses products to a mainstream technology or a new platform as essential. Our re-engineering services include, technology migration system using tool-based reverse engineering, and forward engineering. We also undertake projects which may require data migration.

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