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Tips for choosing the right software company in India for outsourcing

Technology helps in a big way in achieving diverse business goals. No matter the size of the business, we can use technology to remain in the competition and move ahead. In order to be effective, digitizing our processes to the maximum extent possible is a must. With this, you can focus on the core aspects …


Web Usability: the concept and and its relevance in the world of web

We keep hearing about jargons like User Experience (UX) designing, User Interface (UI) designing, User Centric design and so on. So are these concepts related or are these just glorified jargons? Well, yes and no. Since the emergence of the Web 2.0 in the mid 2000s, the concept of Usability has gained importance. In fact, …


Using Version Control for your projects

Even after more than 10-12 years of existence, Version Control is still not being religiously used by all software companies. Wherever there is a project involving multiple developers, its always advisable to use some kind of version control system like SVN or GIT to create and maintain a code repository and maintain separate versions or …


Using SOLID philosophy in PHP

The current PHP world has been infused with lots of MVC frameworks like Zend framework, Codeigniter, Laravel, CakePHP, Symfony, YII and many more. PHP developers are able to choose any of these or others as per their coding style or whichever is best or easy to use or secure. In India, Codeigniter and Yii are …


Adapting a coding style

Oftern developers are made to work on existing code and adapt to that code’s benchmarks. This can create issues when the developer’s coding style is different than the code he is going to work on. Additionally, using SVN or GIT can create further complications due to introduction of tabs/spacing even in the same code. So …