Frequently Asked Questions

We specialize in building websites for different domains. We can build a website for you in ANY category. When you say category, it means that we can build you a Real Estate website (like or an Ecommerce website (like or Travel portal (like or a Social Networking website (like and so on. This includes the following:
  • Understanding the requirements of the project
  • Preparing a Project Scope document (this will be a scope baseline document)
  • Planning & creating a High Level and a Low Level Architecture design for the project
  • Creating wireframes / prototype for the project
  • Creating the User Interface Design for the project
  • Writing the code for the project
  • Testing the project
  • Deploying it on LIVE server
Since we have expertise in Open Source (PHP/MYSQL) and Microsoft (ASP.NET/MSSQL) technologies, we provide Consulting services in these technologies. We have over 14 years of experience in using PHP/MYSQL and ASP.NET to create websites of different categories.
Yes. We have sufficient expertise in popular tools like Wordpress, Drupal, Magento as well as lesser known tools like Website Baker, SubrionCMS and the like. Similarly, we also are comfortable with using MVC frameworks like Codeignitor, Laravel, Phalcon, Symfony2 and the like. Since we are specialists in PHP, we are comfortable using any PHP-based tool, as the project may demand, to deliver it.
Since we have sufficient expertise in Domain and Hosting management (windows/linux), we can help you purchase a domain and also a reliable hosting server as per your needs. We believe that each client has his/her own server requirements as per his/her project needs so we help them choose and acquire a suitable hosting solution accordingly.
Yes. We have 6 products as per below:
  1. Real Estate (Online Property Search Portal)
  2. Online Directory
  3. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system
  4. Ecommerce (Shopping Cart system)
  5. Online School Management system
  6. Online Travel portal
Yes. All the above products can be customized as per the client’s requirements. Right from logo to design to functionalities, everything can be customized.
We have different pricing models. The pricing model is based on our Engagement Model. We have the following Engagement Models:
  • Fixed Price: Charging a Fixed Price to the client as per the estimation provided by us for the entire project.
  • Time & Material: Charging on a Hourly basis. Each resource has a Hourly Rate.
  • On-Contract Resourcing: Providing a dedicated resource to the client and charging a monthly fee for the same.
In addition to the engagement models, pricing is also determined by the complexity of the project, clarity of scope and some more factors. In short, we provide a quotation for each project based on all these factors. However, we have competitive rates wherein we ensure that our clients get value for the money spent by them.

We also offer a Free Trial service to our clients wherein we give them enough time to judge our capabilities and help them to decide whether they are comfortable working with us. In this way, we ensure that no client is forcibly committing to our services and only seeks our services if he is satisfied with our capabilities.
As the name of our company itself signifies, we follow industry standards in delivering solutions to our clients. Be it a consulting service or a product, we follow standards for all phases of the Project Life Cycle. Like for example, we create clear Requirement documents, WBS, Wireframes, Design documents, Test Cases and Project Status Reports which aid us and the client in tracking the progress of the project and also help in delivering quality output.

How do we make the above possible? The Founders and top management of QualitasIT are PMP (Project Management Professional) certified professionals who have not only more than 14 years of experience which include:
  • Project Management for local and offshore projects
  • Solution Architecting
  • CMMi implementation
  • Using Agile processes
  • Business Development
Since the development team is based in India, we work in India timings. However, we are flexible enough to work on UK shifts.
Our development is capable of directly communicating with International clients. However we follow a strict process of communication for each project after discussing with the client and agreeing on a mutually convenient mode of communication. We have junior, mid-level and Senior professionals in our Development team and usually the communication is handled by either the Senior member or by the Project Manager.
If at the Developer level, client faces any problem, he can escalate the issue to the Project Manager and further on he can even escalate it to the Top Management. In this way, we ensure a healthy and transparent work culture wherein any lapse in service is immediately noted and resolved.
Yes. We have served clients in US, UK, Gulf and India and we can gladly provide you with references of our clients.